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IT professional services represent the high end of the tech industry’s freelancers. More than just basic tech support, these professionals are often very specialized and may work either as independent contractors or as a part of a bigger company.

The ACC Solution

ACC has a strong, experienced team of engineers and technicians who, in addition to providing expert services, can bring added value to your business. Whether you need an asset managed and monitored, your IT staff augmented in a key area or you need your entire IT to be run by ACC, we have the experience and knowledge to design, implement and monitor enterprise-level solutions that help drive your business forward.

Service areas include:

  • Managed hosting
  • Colocation
  • Cloud services
  • Network management services
  • Networking services (data and voice cabling)
  • Managed security
  • OS management
  • Database management
  • Middleware server management
  • Storage solutions
  • Disaster recovery
  • Server based computing
  • Storage management
  • Virtualization

Our Professional Services include:

  • IT Procurement Assistance – Our IT consultants work with you to help you make optimal technology choices
  • Flex Staff – Supplement your own IT team with our experienced IT engineers and technicians
  • Projects and Integration – We can partner with you on new rollouts, integration, software upgrades, hardware installs
  • Proactive Support — Support for your critical IT infrastructure
  • Infrastructure as a Service – Hosting of your servers and critical business applications in our data center
  • Integration and Deployment – Design and execution of data centers, new equipment, art imaging technologies and more
  • Management Consulting – Helping your organization improve performance through analysis of existing organizational issues and solution development


Major Washington Hospital

Washington, DC

Content Filtering and Load Balancing

Problem analysis and troubleshooting for intermittent network outages and VPN access interruptions. ACC’s team of engineers isolated the source and solved all related issues.

Major Washington Hospital

Washington, DC

VPN Migration

Migrating secure VPN tunnels running between the hospital and their partners, application vendors, government entities, regulatory agencies to a new ISP.

Various Clients


Storage and Virtualization

Design and implementation of storage and virtualization solutions utilizing state of the art technology from VMWare, Microsoft, HP, IBM, Dell, Nimble, etc. for a large number of customers.

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